Phthalimide potassium sal
        Sodium Ferulate
        Ferulic Acid
        Piperazine ferulate
        Ethyl Ferulate
        Ferulic acid Bian fat
        Ferulic acid butyl
        Ligustrazine Ferulate
        Perlolyrine Ferulate
        Carvedilol(EDMF VALID)
        Ondansetron HCl
        Granisetron HCl
  Founded in 1995, Qufu Hongly Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in the celebrated historic and cultural place of interest , Qufu, China with a total area of 30,000m2. It has fixed capital equal to 60 million RMB and its annual output  value 150 million RMB. Hongly is specialized in the development and manufacture of APIs and intermediates. The product list includes Pyrrolidine, Carvedilol, Ondansetron, Granisetron, Naftopidil, Lisinopril, Bicalutamide, Toremifene Citrate, Levosulpiride, Phthalimide and phthalimide potassium salt, and intermediates. Meanwhile, Hongly would like to be consigned to do contract manufacture for the customers.
Equipped with experienced technicians, advanced facility, a strict QC/QA system and I/E license, we have passed...more
  Add: 10F Unicom Building No.24 Chunqiu Road Qufu Shandong  
  Contact Person: Wang Guibin  
  Tel: +86-537-4496566 4491996 4481166  
  Fax: +86-537-4496569  
  Our spirit:Be creative and enterprising, united and cooperative; be an honest person, careful and dedicated.
Our values:We acknowledge that fact all the values of enterprise are created by labor, knowledge, entrepreneur and capital. Operating policy:Taking Human as orient, market as guideline, technology as base, industry as standard, quality...
Our philosophy:Treating every customer sincerely and honestly; think in the way customers think, always put the interests...